We are moving

Well it’s been a long run. This domain has been registered since 2003. Now 20 years later i am switching providers. My old provider was Vevida. I was quite happy with them we had a good relationship and support was great.

But Vevida has been taken over by Yourhosting. I know them from past experience and wasn’t really happy with them but I gave them a change. This change has run out. I feel support isn’t what I’m used to have. My website back end is slow as…$@$#$ and I hope the front end is OK for everybody. But you can not run a website on hope.

So after 20 years it is time to part ways. I am in contact with support to make this breakup happening, I hope it isn’t a divorce where parties start fighting.

I backing up all files and database and will start the progress of moving. I hope you will not notice any outage but if that happens know what is going on and I will be back a soon as possible.

The shop and more

The delivery of some new panels came sooner then I thought it would. I have been designing a few modules lately. Not knowing if they would work or needed some adjustments I didn’t make panel straight away.

A few of those designs where working fine. So I designed those panel put the order in and it arrived before the new year. With these I also made some blank panels. Well not blanks there are some drawings on there. I do think de fabricator could have done a better job but all in all they look pretty good in my opinion.

I added these blank eurorrack panels to the shop. I also updated some of the shop items (Nanogris) and will be doing so for Littleben. Combing every option into one page. Hopefully it looks less cluttered. Added a option for images to show your selection. This doesn’t work on every page yet.

I also designed some panels that will have the same look and fell. The layout, lettering etc match. Hopefully all my modules will fit nicely together this way. So the new year will be shop housekeeping and adding a few new modules, starting with a logic module. More on that in a couple of days.

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year

2022 was the year of finally the release of Apeks. That has been in the works for sometime. Progress on Dotty slowed down. But Littleben was upgraded to version 2.

Next year will be the year to release some more modules. I have been testing these and just ordered the first panels to see how those fit. Also some blank panels with some nice designs will be released. So be sure to come by again next year on Quinie.nl for some new and amazing stuff for your eurorack needs. Until then I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Apeks – thru hole 12 bit Mutable Instruments Peaks

This project has been going in the background for quite some time now. When my French friend MiguelDeTrool got Covid he had to spend some time in his room. He managed to finish a few bugs that haunted us for awhile.

He finished the coding, did some PCB and panel tweaks and after some tests we are proud to present to the world a 12 Bit thru hole version of Mutable Instruments Peaks module, called Apeks.

Thanks Miguel for this collaboration. It has been a long road, it took us some time, R&D making panels and pcb’s but you pulled it over the finish line.

Now the PCB and panels are in the shop to build your own.







A Clock, An Sequencer and voltages

Sometimes I get a question and have to remember myself that a lot of things about eurorack aren’t that simple as it seems. I think everybody has this problem, when you are doing something a lot you will lose sight of the basics, you grow, learn and know things.

But when you just get started it seems overwhelming, those basics are hard to grasp. So this is a post about some basic’s, about a clock and a sequencer and voltages

This will be a quick write up, if you want to learn a whole lot more I can recommend the book Patch and Tweak, not the cheapest but really nice to read.

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LittleBen open source new version released

A new version for Littleben has been made. The firmware is build, might still be a bit buggy but it’s all on github now. New boards are order for the shop, at the time being I completely out of new boards. The older boards are now obsolete. I do still have a few of those for people that might be interested

I have put the older boards (pcb/panel) on sale for just 1 euro. With the hack provided before these are easly build into version 2. So when you are up for it you can now get a cheap version 1 and rebuild it to version 2. You could also order your own boards cause all files are on Github now.



More info will follow as the firmware progress, I still need to upload the new bom and hopefully will do that later this week.

LittleBen does it make noise? Version 2 in the making

I have gotten some reports about some Littlebens making noise in the eurorack. It seems to be related to PSU used and the Littlebens screen. Luisgongod that experienced the noise has made a hack to over come the noise.

The hack involves a replacing the screen by a oled screen and adding a few wires. I would like to thank Luisgongod for reporting the issue and provide a fix for it. If you experiencing noise from your litteken please send me a email and keep reading this post for more information.

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Holiday no one in the shop orders have to wait 2 weeks

Yeah a bit late for Dutch people but it’s my holiday. So no one is managing the shop. All order won’t be completed next two week. It will still be possible to order but waiting times will be longer then normal, as I won’t be shipping it out for 2 weeks.

Sorry need some Sun and Windsurfing..