Building: Erica Synths VCO.

I have a love and hate relation with Erica Synths DIY modules. Some are quite nice to build but most of them are just terrible to build. I makes me wonder why Erica has left the DIY scene. I’m glad the put the designs on GitHub for the modules that they call legacy DIY. But I think the support desk was just overloaded cause these modules are just a pain in the butt to solder and are prone to make mistakes on. I had the VCO in my drawers for awhile and it was time to build it.

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A lot of post about different modules

I have been posting different modules to this site and give a little bit of information on them. These modules are all in my rack and for the menu item “My Rack” I need them as separate posts. I tend to add more in the upcoming weeks as there is more in my rack ;). I might list a few as open for offers/sale. So if you looking for some DIY modules that can’t be bought as build modules and have seen them in my rack. Send me a email or thru the contact page if you want to buy any of the modules listed as open for offers.

If you want more information on them please let me know in the comments.

Small update: When writing a few post on haraldwerks modules I noticed I never put up all panel files. So more stuff to do adding panel files for some of these modules.

Hagiwo Quantizer: how does it work, a bit of background

The Quantizer made by Hagiwo is a Arduino based quantizer. Hagiwo published all files and schematics. The code is readable and not packed into a hex files. I have put my own twist on the design by replacing the DAC.

The original post and design by Hagiwo can be found here:

So lets take a look on how it’s build and how it works.

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Dotty: Buttons orientation (thanks Beta Testers)

I was in the wrong impression the orientation of the Dotty buttons didn’t really matter. I did place them all in the same orientation, didn’t mix it up but didn’t check also. Later found out I was lucky on most of the Dotty’s I build.

The buttons are read by a 4051 chips 8 buttons at a time I call them rows. All four rows worked most of the time. But one build had a problem with row three. When installed in one way the buttons Dotty stop recording steps. I rotated the buttons and Dotty worked again.

Thought it was strange never had it before on the previous versions, put it aside as a glitch to sort out. Then a beta tester reported the same. Now I had to dive into this problem and fix it.

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Organizing Shop and Added v0.041 Nanogris

Today I started organizing the shop a bit more. Still not done, lots of work. The products have options to choose from now. Would like too add photo switching also but that would be a little bit more work.

The New Nanogris version is also added to the shop. I’m out of Quantizers but no worries these are ordered and underway.