Building: Haraldswerks Passive Multiple

This one came be your first DIY module. This must be the easiest one to do. If you never hold a soldering iron before and want to try it out. start with this module. Function wise you going to need one, maybe not as your first module cause it ain’t going to make any sound.

You don’t need to power it. It’s passive it will just connect jack with each other.

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Dotty: Prototype 3 it’s become a trigger sequencer

This weekend the boards version 3 came in the mail. I did some work on the clock input and added a clock output. The output still has to be written in code but the pcb now supports this. The boards only had two minor mistake so a four revision is probably needed, but it’s a full working sequencer now and it’s starting to look like a finalized product.

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Building: Haraldswerks Buffered Multiple

This weekend I build some Buffered Multiples. The designs where made by Haraldswerks and the panel Gerbers by me as you could have read before. These little modules are really nice. Not just to build but also there function. Haven’t played a lot with them yet but running multiple oscillators from this module was quite fun this weekend. And building it only took about 45 minutes.

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Dotty update…3 or 4 or…

Well I have been doing some work on Dotty the last few days. Fixed a few bug a found some new ones. Fixed those to and now I have a beta version of a working Trigger Sequencer.

It takes a internal or external clock. This part had a bug so I have to breadboard/redesign it. Volume drops don’t appear any more. Most function are written in code, but not all. Still want to make a menu for clock settings and general settings. So still a lot of coding to do and a little PCB redesign but I’m getting there.