LittleBen does it make noise? Version 2 in the making

I have gotten some reports about some Littlebens making noise in the eurorack. It seems to be related to PSU used and the Littlebens screen. Luisgongod that experienced the noise has made a hack to over come the noise.

The hack involves a replacing the screen by a oled screen and adding a few wires. I would like to thank Luisgongod for reporting the issue and provide a fix for it. If you experiencing noise from your litteken please send me a email and keep reading this post for more information.

The hack by Luisgongod involves a few wires and a new screen. New code also has been made by him to fit the screen.

This code doesn’t match the existing Littleton code. So where does this go next..

I ordered some oled screens myself and started Kicad to updated the boards to fit the new screen. The screens are ordered but haven’t arrived yet. When they do I will update the existing Littleton code to support the screen first.

When the code is done users of the current Littleben can use the hack and the new code to fix potential issues. But If you are not into hacking the stuff I will update the pcb’s also

When v2 is done is will be in the shop as pcb/panel combo and as kit’s the last remaining v1 will be discounted.

For existing users that experience noise I fell bad this this has happen but will try to make a good fix that suits every users so please contact me if you do experience problems with Littleben and we will work out a good solution for you.

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