Dotty Manual

This document is a work in progress. As more and more code is added or changed this document will be updated.

Below is the layout of dotty. (ps. old panel) we use this to describe all functions with white dots.

Setting steps

Steps can be set in multiple ways.

Setting steps just by pressing the button for that step. This will set the step on the selected track

Record a step (or remove)

Setting steps by presets. There are 16 presets in the code. You can change them there before uploading the code. Each button holds a preset by holding TRC1 down and press one of the buttons.

You can also scroll thru the presets

with preset previous

with preset next

You can also fill the track with a random number resulting in different patterns. Each 8 steps are filled with a random number, when using 16 steps this results in to two random numbers and different steps

You can also fill 8 steps with one random number. Doing this will result into two same part when using 16 steps..

Copy/Paste a track

To copy a track select it and press.

To past the copied track. Select the destination track and press.

Clearing a track

To remove steps you can use the records step or the buttons or this combination to remove all steps at once for the selected track.



Recordstep is currently connected to the first (FX1) button.


This is currently connected to play in reverse.

Clock Settings

Setting the clock to internal or external. Switches between modes

Adjust the clock length

Less length

More length