It is back the new Sidechain

So PCB’s and panels came in I could not wait to test them. All seems fine now. The spacing is much better it handles great and sounds excellent.

I’m going to test a few different vactrols. I used some home made in this build and going to try some factory made and different resistor values. The sound and the pots handling seem to be very much effected by the type and value of the vactrol. When testing is done I might Ada full and partial kits to the shop.

But back in store now the new Sidechain (revision 2)

The Sidechain Module

I just finished the sidechain module and did some testing. This is the second revision I ordered. Am I happy with it? yes and no.

I build the previous version with the cheapest potentiometers I got in my drawers. These sometimes are called trimmer potentiometers. They have a plastic shaft and fit the small knobs. It look good on the module but the footprint of the PCB didn’t fit the mounting legs.

No problem this will be solved when using the Alpha potentiometers like I normally do, I thought.

I build the second revision with Alpha pots and put on the davies knobs. But then it was visible, ergonomics isn’t that great. It does fit but the knobs are quite close to each other.

The module does work, sound good and all the pots are turning the correct way. I am happy with that the technical part functions fine.

So I searched my drawer for a solution with the pots. I ended up ordering some T18 pots and small knobs from thonk. These will arrive in a few weeks. These should have the correct footprint and mounting legs. But I didn’t have them in stock so have to wait and find out. I am guessing most people don’t stock those so I need a better solution, revision 3

I did add the module to the shop and offering it at a great discount. Just because I know I going to work on revision 3 to fix this minor issue. I quite annoyed I didn’t spot this earlier. But that is part of designing modules. Most time it takes a few revisions.

So if you can life with this minor issue and can not wait to get your hands on a cheap sidechaining module, this is your chance. I offering them a big discount and free for orders over 25 euros. You can add it to the cart on checkout, it will display when the cart goes over 25.