The shop and more

The delivery of some new panels came sooner then I thought it would. I have been designing a few modules lately. Not knowing if they would work or needed some adjustments I didn’t make panel straight away.

A few of those designs where working fine. So I designed those panel put the order in and it arrived before the new year. With these I also made some blank panels. Well not blanks there are some drawings on there. I do think de fabricator could have done a better job but all in all they look pretty good in my opinion.

I added these blank eurorrack panels to the shop. I also updated some of the shop items (Nanogris) and will be doing so for Littleben. Combing every option into one page. Hopefully it looks less cluttered. Added a option for images to show your selection. This doesn’t work on every page yet.

I also designed some panels that will have the same look and fell. The layout, lettering etc match. Hopefully all my modules will fit nicely together this way. So the new year will be shop housekeeping and adding a few new modules, starting with a logic module. More on that in a couple of days.

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