Dotty: New panels came in

The new panels for Dotty came in the mail today. I just could not wait to fit them on the module. It seems a very good fit just a tent of milometers off. The buttons jacks and led matrix fits a lot better this time. This was a small run of five panels. Beta testers will receive a new one in the mail.

Now it’s back to testing the code and the module. My number 5 and 6 buttons don’t seem to work anymore so lets see what causing that.

LittleBen some updates

The picture gallery for LittleBen has been added to the site. Also new options for buying kits and build module are available now. New boards and panel are in stock, this time without the serial numbers (see picture)

NanoGrids: minor updates, discount on 0.03 PCB’s

I did some minor updates on the Nanogrids PCB’s. As more and more people are building NanoGrids more wishes and suggestions came in. This feedback was more then welcome and resulted in some changes. So I pushed these changes to Github today and NanoGrids went from 0.03 to 0.04. This later (0.04) version is untested as I have to order the pcb’s.

This means the remaining NanoGrids PCB’s will be on sale in the shop. These are working board so what had to be changed.

  • version 0.04 Just some text on the pcb’s to keep them apart
  • Potentiometers have bigger holes to mount, so no more cutting or shaving they should fit now.
  • Led orientation (added silkscreen).
  • USB side text on silkscreen.
  • Ground planes
  • Panel Pot holes from 6,5mm to 8.4mm

Nothing major but still better.

LittleBen: Firmware on Github

The firmware for the LittleBen is on Github. This is the first release and does what it has to do, be a master clock a sending reset signals. With this release I started to think about other versions and new functions.

the thought is to release a 8 output random triggers firmware.

And as for new functions on the current LittleBen firmware is to use the start input as Clock in and Reset In. Also a possibility to use the outputs more individual. Let’s see what time going to bring. for now the working version for the LittleBen can be found on Github.

LittleBen: BOM, Info and more… now in the shop, a master clock

This week the new boards for LittleBen came in. I just could not wait to build one but had little time to do so. Until today I found a little hour to solder one. The new boards have seem to fixed all the issues the previous had. The buttons fit the panel and no wires needed to make it run. I did had to do a little coding, some button de bouncing and this rotary goes the other way.

But it working without any issues. Have been testing it with my supersixteen sequencer and all looks good so will be putting them up in the shop. The code will be on Github as open source. I’m still thinking about releasing the files for the PCB’s but it would be nice to at least get some of the R&D cost back before I do.

Read more for the BOM and some pictures

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New shop available, hope it works alright

today I installed a web shop plugin on the website. I’m not a store just a private person with a hobby. I mainly installed it to make it more comfortable then ordering left over PCB’s by email.

I have tested the shop. Costing me some money. Ideal payments gave me a error and I’m still waiting on delivery of the money (back or forward). don’t know where it is right now. Hopefully it gets back or thru. PayPal payments do seem to work.

Not all places have been added to the shipping list. So if your country is missing please let me know and will add it as soon as possible. If you have any problems or feedback on the store please let me know in the comments or by email.

Dotty: New pcb’s are in production

The code is working and making progress again. It is time to fix some minor errors on the pcb’s. Mainly the buttons came out to high for the panel to fit and some other minor issues. Last week I fixed these issues and ordered new pcb’s. Hope to receive them in two or three weeks. Didn’t make a new panel yet so that is still on the todo list. Will see if the new pcb’s fit better before starting that job.

The Time has come, LittleBen a master clock

Well I got frustrated by the bug in the Dotty code. I started something a new project to take my mind of it for awhile. The Dotty bug has been solved and is starting to get my attention back. But this other project was ordered and on it way to me in the mail. Yesterday it arrived.

This new thing I call LittleBen. It has one simple task and that’s to be the master clock.

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