I Got The Power, PSU and wobbling

It’s been some time since I posted about Dotty, building a module or other things. After building lots of modules I thought I had some problems with my rack. Things didn’t feel right, a wobbling bass drum, compressor leds slowly blinking and some other stuff.

Well my feelings were right and it was all about power. So my time and efforts went it to solving this wobble.

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Dotty: 1.4 Overview, Features, BOM

With version 1.4 I have a working prototype with a panel. These make mounting it in a case possible. There are still some minor issues I want to fix before releasing it to the public. I build Dotty so I know what to expect. But I would be nice to have some feedback.

This topic is mainly for those whom received or are going to receive a 1.4 prototype version. I hope It helps with the build and explain some of the features. If you haven’t received a Dotty but curious on what it can do, keep on reading.

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Dotty: Building v0.04 are we done ?

This weekend finally the new backboard and panel arrived. Been waiting for these whole week. Could not wait to start building it in the hope I finalized all mistakes. I didn’t make a new front pcb cause I think everything is correct on that one.

(I can reveal that Dotty is working and in a phase where I’m looking for Beta Testers. Got 3 PCB’s left so if you are interested, contact me.)

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Dotty: A new back pcb and first panel

Yesterday I finished the designing of the first panel. Today it got excepted by JLC. So I’m hoping to have new back pcb’s and panel in the next two weeks. The panels are the first version for dotty and I did some moving of headers. So I hope all will line up and it will fit. But will have to see when the pcb’s arrive

Bigger picture after the read more

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