Untamed.. Something new, a filter prototype

I have been working on a filter design. The design is based on a new version of the cem3350 chip. The cem3350 was used in the Synton Syrinx, Rhodes Chroma and a few more synths. It hasn’t been used that much and the chip is somewhat of a niche filter. This chip is in production again by Alfa as the AS3350. That gives opportunities to design a filter based on this chip. The design isn’t complete yet but the pcb’s came in yesterday, so I was able to do some testing. Found out that the cutoff knob is reversed on prototype. I have been testing it together with the reverb I’ve posted about last week, to give you all a bit of a teaser of what’s to come.

The patch is Braids “VOWL” into the filter to the Reverb.

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