Untamed the filter in the shop

A friend of mine send me a pcb for a 3350 Chip filter. This filter was based on the digisound 80-16. I was the start for me getting into a search for 3350 filters. This chip is used in the Sytron Syrinx and I really like the sound of it from what I could find. There isn’t much info on this chip and old filters that use it. But I did find someone that took the datasheet schematic and used it in his synth. PolyKit made a 8 voiced synth called the polykit-6 (check out his YouTube and GitHub).

I used his schematic as a base for the Untamed (with permission). Basically Untamed is the schematic from the datasheet of the AS3350 chip, with controls and a eurorack panel. It has it’s quirks but also a unique sound. I called this Untamed cause of the little quirks and raw sound that make it unique. I don’t think it tracks 1v/octave but it sounds awesome.

I would like to thank Polykit for his generosity and putting his work online. I will put the schematics up for everybody to look at. To comment on for further improvements and maybe come to a new module that is a bit more Tamed. The files for the pcb’s to order your own will be released after 10 sales.


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