Store stock levels, Nanogris kits maybe?

I have been monitoring the store stock levels lately. As seen in my previous post my attention went towards my health. I have been sending out orders twice a week. But some products have run out of stock without me noticing.

The littleben kits have been order last week and did came in. The Nanogris 0.041 version run out, these have been ordered at the suplier. But it can take a few days/week for them to arrive.

If you do want a Nanogris the older version are in stock (only full black panels). The circle panels white and black have been ordered. The 0.041 version can be ordered but shipping will take place when they arrive from the supplier.

When I find the time I’ll will be putting up Nanogris kit’s also. full kits with all the part and some basic kit with the hard to get parts. I have to do some calculations on the prices but if you can not wait drop me a email and maybe we can work something out.

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