Building: Haraldswerks Buffered Multiple

This weekend I build some Buffered Multiples. The designs where made by Haraldswerks and the panel Gerbers by me as you could have read before. These little modules are really nice. Not just to build but also there function. Haven’t played a lot with them yet but running multiple oscillators from this module was quite fun this weekend. And building it only took about 45 minutes.

This build is quite simple just start out with the resistors. On the control board this is just one 1m resistor

On the control board there are 6 resistor all of them 270R.

Then start soldering the little smd 100nf capacitors.

There are four of these to solder.

I then soldered the sockets for the chips.

Next up are the 5.6pf capacitors. I did have to in stock so I use 6pf got to ask Harald if this would make a big difference but I think there in the same ballpark.

If you like you can do the headers now and join the two board. I did the bigger capacitor and power connector first.

Align the two board and solder them onto the headers.

Next up the mono jack. I solder these by placing them on the board and using the panel to hold them in place.

If everything went alright you should have something that looks like this.