Dotty: Prototype 3 it’s become a trigger sequencer

This weekend the boards version 3 came in the mail. I did some work on the clock input and added a clock output. The output still has to be written in code but the pcb now supports this. The boards only had two minor mistake so a four revision is probably needed, but it’s a full working sequencer now and it’s starting to look like a finalized product.

The 2 minor issues are all on the back board. The first is just a footprint error for the power connector. This is annoying but no big deal, just ignore the footprint and solder it on the back side.

The second one is with the header for the second led matrix. I could wiggle it on there but the spacing just isn’t right. Have to fix this before the final product.

The minor issues will be handled and new boards will be made. I still have to make the panels so these can go into the same order. Panel design will be a tricky one.

I’m still missing out on some button cap. These will arrive soon I hope. But for now most time will go into making a nice panel for Dotty.

Action picture while testing

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