Dotty: Progress on proto v2

Last weekend I have been playing with Dotty. Did a one hour session for friends and Dotty came thru. I didn’t even finished all the soldering. Left off the last three buttons, might be these will be lock version where all other buttons are non locked. Still thinking about that and the function I want to code for Dotty. Button caps didn’t arrive before the weekend, but I had to play with Dotty. Dotty does have a few bugs but certainly playable.

Found a strange bug I do hope is in the code. When selecting a track, this track triggers lower in volume then others. This volume drop follows the track selection. These aren’t wired together on the pcb so I’m hoping it has to do with code. Could be a power problem also still have to figure this one out.

The led matrix do fit but the header should be placed a little closer together. As shown in the picture the header are pointing inwards and not sitting straight. Have to fix this before the final version.

Last bug I found is the clock input isn’t working. Have to do so measurements but have no clue what went wrong here. But surely will be fixed.

Except for the 3 bugs I found so far Dotty worked great. Even better then I expect. It was a lot of fun pushing big button and creating beats on the fly. I still missing out on a few functions that need to be coded. Making preforming live even more fun.