Weston Audio B1 Kick/Bass voice.

A bass drum and a bass voice all in one. This one was nice to build I has multiple pcb’s but it’s well ordered. The manual is not the best but also not the worst. I need to use this module more then I do right now. I had it in my rack for a while not calibrated. Took it out just a week ago and did calibrate it. I had some trouble getting the sweet spots maybe it’s better now it’s calibrated not sure yet.

I can do bass lines and kick drums, when if done some more testing I will update on how I feel about this this module for now it’s not fair to give it a rating. There is a new version of this module released by Weston Audion the B2. I hope to get my hand on that one two just to be able to compare them myself. I think you can’t buy the B1 anymore.


Difficulty to build: Medium, some may find it hard. Has multiple pcb’s, can take up some time but well ordered and spaced

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