New goodies

The doorbell rang today and there was the mailman with a package. The side-chain I posted earlier new revision was in the packages. So I just can not wait to build and test it. Hopefully I don’t have to make another revision. If everything is alright it will be in the shop this weekend or next week or so. Just hope to find the time to build it.

After some good feedback on the blank panel there where also some new designs in the packages. These will be added to the shop soon. A fingerprint design, a second noise and a line design that also adds a few more hp versions to choose from.

Will be updating the shop soon.

CV Pal

open for offers

I build a few of these. When I was working with a Windows machine I could just use one of them. On a Mac I can use all of them. They are for intergration of de DAW with my rack. But since I bought a ES-9 I hardly use them anymore.

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Difficulty to build: Medium, the atmel needs programming

Erica Synths VCO

I just finished building the VCO and did a little bit of testing on it. I might update this post when I have used it a bit more. But first impressions it sounds really good. I like the FM and pulse input and have been playing with those CV inputs and lfo’s a bit and can imagine I would use this in some patches.

Difficulty to build: Hard /Medium
prone to make mistakes on. I did 🙂

Quinie LittleBen

Another one of my own designs. I was in need for a master clock that would display the BPM and could be adjusted with a knob. There aren’t that many out there that fitted my needs. So I made Littleben. It started out as a simple clock with 4 clock outs and 4 reset outs. Running on a Arduino mini the firmware grew and now it can do a lot more. It can divide clock, calculate a incomming clock and I’m still not finished in releasing firmware for it. I have plan for more functions. If you want to know more be sure to check out the menu on Littleben. If you want to build your own you can find it in my shop.

Quinie NanoGris

open for offers on build modules

Another one of my own designs. The original design is made by Mutable Instruments and called Grids. It’s a drum trigger sequencer. When starting into eurorack I started out with a lot of drum modules. But had nothing to trigger them. I designed the Nanogris of the Grids schematics but used all thruhole parts and a Arduino Nano. It was quite the journey. I did some pcb’s design before but this took a while to get right. And even when I got it right I still could do somethings better. The Nanogrids is now on version .041 and I think I got all things correct now. More info about this module on this site (see menu) and of course if you want to build your own it’s on GitHub and in the shop

Quinie Hagiwo Quantizer

Well I can write a lot about this module, but I already did on different parts and topic on this site. I made this module myself based on Hagiwo design. Used his schematic, changed the DAC chip to a thru-hole type and made pcb’s and panel for it. It’s a nice little quantizer with slide function. You can find more information on it on this website. If you want to build your own be sure to check out the shop. It’s fully open source if you want to make the pcb’s and panels yourself.

Weston Audio AD110

I started out my eurorack with drum modules. It was more a drum machine then a synth. But when the hexinverters clap failed to startup and the snare wasn’t what I tough it would be I started building other modules. But I found myself always looking for more drum sounds. The snare and clap where missing quite a long time from my setup until Weston released the AD110. This would surely fit my needs for a good clap and snare, and it did. The modules also comes with a bass drum, cymbal and hithat. It’s a all in one drum machine. Based on the Korg DDM-110. It has some modifications but sound oldskool and good. The manual is well documented.

Difficulty to build: Medium, some may find it hard. Has multiple pcb’s, can take up some time but well ordered and spaced

Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator

I bought this module a few years back. It’s a great digital oscillator with a few trick up it sleeve. It has a Teensy on the back loaded with the firmware. I bought it when it was still made with thruhole parts nowaday it comes as a SMD version. I should still be possible to build by hand. If your looking for a new osccillator be sure to check this one out and not be fooled by being on the market for some time now. (not my video)

Difficulty to build: Hard /Medium
Newer version are all SMD parts.

Expert Sleepers ES-9

I don’t buy that many modules (unless it’s MFB) but this one I made a exception. I needed a good way to combine my rack with my DAW and this module is in my opinion the best to do so. I bought it second hand and only scratched the surface so far but recording my rack has never been so easy. The quality of the recordings is just amazing. I planning on using it to make some recording for the website while doing reviews of modules. I cost me quite a few buck but worth every penny.

Difficulty to build: No DIY

Recursinging Kxmx bluemchen

I just finished one of these. I found his post by accident on modwiggler. After seeing it I went into a rabbit hole for a few days. This baby is a small Daisy patch and open source. If you don’t know what a Daisy patch is… well these days a lot of modules come out that use a Daisy on the back of them. Daisy is kinda like a Arduino nano but build for audio DSP. This makes it a great miniature computer to program stuff on. I just build mine and still need to load some code on it. This module can be anything you make it to be, a FX unit, sampler, ADSR and more. Just about anything. It can be used in Guitar pedal be a complete synth or a eurorack module. It is used by Noise engineering, Knobula, PedalPCB and more. For more information on the Daisy just visit electrosmith.

Recursinging made a open source small module for eurorack. I can’t wait to program this puppy. Mainly as a FX unit or a sample player.

Difficulty to build: Hard mostly SMD. I used a SMT assembly when ordering the board.