Recursinging Kxmx bluemchen

I just finished one of these. I found his post by accident on modwiggler. After seeing it I went into a rabbit hole for a few days. This baby is a small Daisy patch and open source. If you don’t know what a Daisy patch is… well these days a lot of modules come out that use a Daisy on the back of them. Daisy is kinda like a Arduino nano but build for audio DSP. This makes it a great miniature computer to program stuff on. I just build mine and still need to load some code on it. This module can be anything you make it to be, a FX unit, sampler, ADSR and more. Just about anything. It can be used in Guitar pedal be a complete synth or a eurorack module. It is used by Noise engineering, Knobula, PedalPCB and more. For more information on the Daisy just visit electrosmith.

Recursinging made a open source small module for eurorack. I can’t wait to program this puppy. Mainly as a FX unit or a sample player.

Difficulty to build: Hard mostly SMD. I used a SMT assembly when ordering the board.

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