NanoGris: The hex file

I have uploaded the nanogrids.hex file this is the compile grids code tested on nanogrids. Should be the same as the original, but you don’t have to compile the code.

Just rename to Grids.hex and upload on the Arduino Nano.

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  1. Hi,
    I wonder if this hexfile also sets the fuses? I have some trouble with my grids I built and use your precompiled file to run. It seems I get wrong tempo from the clock input, and also fill knobs at 0 doesnt give me 0 trigg outputs… Someone pointed me to that it could be the fuses (or a gnd issue but I have checked that and it shouldnt be that)… So just wanted to check if you have had any similar errors in your builds? Thanks 🙂

    1. What kind of clock are you giving it? Cause when Mutable Instruments build it it was based on a midi clock I believe. Have to double check the forum post on mutable’s forum but from top of mind it needs a 24ppqn clock.

      I think the fuses are set within the command of uploading not in the Hex file it self but I can be totally wrong on that one. Have to read the documentation on that one.

      As for the fill at 0 did you use the recent BOM or a old version.

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