Building: Haraldswerks Passive Multiple

This one came be your first DIY module. This must be the easiest one to do. If you never hold a soldering iron before and want to try it out. start with this module. Function wise you going to need one, maybe not as your first module cause it ain’t going to make any sound.

You don’t need to power it. It’s passive it will just connect jack with each other.

Normally you would start with small parts first like resistors and diodes. This module doesn’t have those. So start out with placing the mono jacks on the board.

Don’t solder them yet.

Place the panel on the jack, This way you will know they will fit.

There is one small mistake you can make here (I did). The panel and the board are bigger on one side. If you place the panel the wrong way it won’t fit in your rack. (this is no big deal, you can always unscrew the jacks later and turn it around)

Now it’s time to flip the board over. When it’s a small board and I’m in a bit of a hurry I just place the panel on top of a container.

Just make sure the board is pressing down on the jack and all the jacks are thru the holes of the panel. And if you lucky or not in a hurry there are these “helping hands”

When the board rest on the jacks and there all thru the holes I solder both jack on the end. Not all of them just the two on the left and the right.

Take the board off the container/helping hand or what every you used to hold it in place. And put some screws on the soldered jacks.

Now the jacks that aren’t soldered will stay in place even if you would trow the board. Time to solder the last ones.

Put the jack screws on. Try to fit it in your rack.

And that’s it.


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