NanoGris: 0.41 Whats new what’s different

Today I finished building the new boards and testing the results. The new boards function as they should. What has changed since the last versions.

0.03 Was the first version that was released to the public. Since then a few things have changed.

Above is a picture of the 0.03 version.

  • The potentiometers hole do not fit all potentiometers.
  • The power connector is close to the diodes footprint’s so when using a shrouded header these diodes need to place last and will just about fit.
  • The panel has some circles on the silkscreen which is a matter of taste.. I do like them
  • Ground is route by tracks and not by planes.
  • The was no marker on silkscreen for the led plus/minus.

Then 0.04 version came

This version hasn’t been long in production. I fixed most of the issues of the 0.03 version on this one, except for the power header placement. So still the diodes where very close when using a shrouded header. When building it to test this 0.04 version I found out I forgot. Silly me…

0.041 The current version was born

The diodes are now place a bit away from the power header.

Version 0.041 will be in the shop very soon. The older boards are for sale and I leave it up to you if you can work out the minor issues. All version function but for a smooth build go for the 0.041.

What is left to fix. Well the 0.041 boards still have the old name on them. Functionwise this will have no differences. When I’m going to order the next batch these will be with the new name “NanoGris”. If you like the old name these panels will run out 😉 The new name will not result in a new version number.

Will be putting 0.041 in the shop soon. If anyone wants a build version contact me. Four are a bit to much for my rack.

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