Kassutronics VCO 3340

Just another 3340 VCO. This chip is used in a lot of VCO these day’s. The CEM3340 chip was achip used in a lot of older synths like the Roland SH-101, the Sequential Prophet 5 (Rev.3) and more. Electricdruid.net has some schematics and more background information on that online https://electricdruid.net/cem3340-vco-voltage-controlled-oscillator-designs/

The CEM3340 VCO chip has been re-released. It has also been cloned by CoolAudio as the V3340 and by Alfa as the AS3340. You can put any of these in the VCO 3340. I think I’ve put Alfa version in mine. But have to double check that.

It’s a nice and small VCO by Kassutronics and sounds pretty good.


Again would have liked it if Kassutronics would offer black panels. So If anyone knows where to find those please let me know.

Difficulty to build: Medium

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