In store, Hagiwo Quantizer with 303 slider and a Quinie twist.

Hagiwo, if you don’t know this guy check out his Youtube and Blog. I had to install a website translator cause my japanees is a bit off, But be sure to check it out.

Hagiwo makes a lot of designs that can be build with a few parts and for a few bucks. Hagiwo made some VCO’s with arduino’s and Mozzi, sequencers and more. The module that took my intrest was the Quantizer with 303 slider.

Hagiwo’s designs are quite simple. I took the quantizer design and changed the DAC used for the CV output. The DAC Hagiwo uses I had not laying around and wasn’t able to find one in a DIP/ Through-hole package. I used the MCP4821 12bit DAC.

I rewritten part of the code and contacted Hagiwo if I could sell the pcb’s and panel of my results. Hagiwo was kind engouh to give his blessing.

So now in the shop and on Github

Hagiwo Quantizer with 303 slider and a Quinie twist.

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