Haraldswerk Quad LFO

I build two of these. I changed the capacitor values on one of my build to give me a really slow LFO. I like these LFO’s they end up in a lot of my patches. The module itself is a bit big a takes up quite some space but you never have to switch between outputs like on most other LFO’s where a switch sets the waveform. The waveforms are available straight on the panel. The led’s give a good indication if the LFO is on the negative or the positive side and therefor if it’s going slow or fast.

build report here: https://www.quinie.nl/building-quad-lfo-by-haraldswerk-de/
and for the gerbers for the panel: https://www.quinie.nl/panel-haraldswerks-quad-lfo/


Difficulty to build : Hard

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