Feedback Modules 1 Bit multi-tap Delay

Oh this one I love so much. Still think about building a second one. These delay is something special. During the build I feel in love with how they have made the manual. Even if your not building this check it out I think it’s one of the best way to make a build manual. The sound this thing can produce is amazing. All depends a bit on how you calibrate it. It can be very clean but also take you to distorted territory

The nice thing is you can output both taps and make it into a “stereo” module. Shipping did take some time but if you are looking for a special delay put this one on your short list and be sure to check out some YouTube videos.

It can also be bought as a build module from feedback modules

YouTube Video

Difficulty to build: Medium to hard. Has a great build manual. Has multiple pcb’s and can take some time to build

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