Dotty: First Code idea’s

The code for Dotty is beginning to take form. There is still a lot of work to do. The PCB has some errors that need to be solved. But that didn’t keep me from starting on the code with the first prototype. I started documenting a few.

The Buttons









First/Top row

Second/Mid row

Third/Bottom row

Track Row

First Functions

note: The first two row are used to set steps on a track. Much like the Roland sequencers do. Each button correspond to a beat.

First and Second row, buttons 1 to 16

set en remove step in the selected track.

note: The A button is used to control parts on the right side of the led matrix. In the prototype these are the red leds. This part is showing the tracks and there steps. Most functions with the A button will control steps functions like filling steps, copy and paste.

A and 1

Fill track.
will jump to next fill preset. press again will fill differently

A and 2

Fill track randomly

A and 3

Clear track

A and 4

Copy track

A and 5

Past track

note: The B button is used to control parts on the left side of the led matrix. In the prototype these are the blue leds. Most function with button B will control things like track modus (fill, random). Switching between the track parts and more

B and 1

Select track part 1 of 2

B and 2

Select track part 2 of 2

B and 3

Auto Select parts (will jump between them)
(32 steps mode)

B and 4

Set track modus to Fill
This will turn off mute. can be set with random

B and 5

Set track modus to Random

B and 6

Set track modus to Mute
This will turn off Fill, Can be set with random