STMCube on mac (big sur) won’t open

I recently got myself a Mac mini. Didn’t want the noise of a big machine running next to me. The Mac works great for most stuff, posting to the website browsing forums and doing some work from home.

But then came the day I wanted to use a ST-Link and program a blue-pill.

The software is Mac downloadable for a mac and comes in a zip packages from Just unzip it and…. well… there is a exe and a app file. Panic sets in, this a new territory for me

Google gave me answers, you need to run the setup not by double click it but open an terminal. The best description I found out there was this post

The post by godlyblade (Community Member)Edited December 7, 2019 at 6:27 PM. Will give perfect instructions on how to install it.

But my install gave a error (and I’m not the only one). It seems the install is looking for a folder JRE. It wants to copy this folder but can’t seem to find it. Just continue the installer. The ZIP did came with this folder, we are going to help the program to find it later.

Where ever you unzipped the installer download find the folder JRE. Copy this folder and use finder to go to your applications. Go to the STM Cube application. When you find it press CNRL and mouse to show packages contents. It will show one folder in the app named contents. Past your JRE folder, not in the contents but next to it.

The app should be working after that..Oh I’m starting to miss my windows machine (not really)

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