NanoGrids: minor updates, discount on 0.03 PCB’s

I did some minor updates on the Nanogrids PCB’s. As more and more people are building NanoGrids more wishes and suggestions came in. This feedback was more then welcome and resulted in some changes. So I pushed these changes to Github today and NanoGrids went from 0.03 to 0.04. This later (0.04) version is untested as I have to order the pcb’s.

This means the remaining NanoGrids PCB’s will be on sale in the shop. These are working board so what had to be changed.

  • version 0.04 Just some text on the pcb’s to keep them apart
  • Potentiometers have bigger holes to mount, so no more cutting or shaving they should fit now.
  • Led orientation (added silkscreen).
  • USB side text on silkscreen.
  • Ground planes
  • Panel Pot holes from 6,5mm to 8.4mm

Nothing major but still better.

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