LittleBen: The manual Firmware v1

it seems I’ve never put a manual up for the LittleBen. Programming the Arduino takes a USB-TTL adapter to upload code on to pro mini. There are many types of USB adapters available. Google is your best friend as there are many examples and YouTube videos out there.

The modules has not that many functions (yet) It send out a clock pulse and a reset pulse

Clock Pulse – Outputs 1,2,3 and 4
Reset Pulse – Outputs 5,6,7 and 8

The display starts with the BPM showing. Turning the encode will change the BPM in full numbers.

Pressing the encoder will still show BPM but now you will be able to set the BPM after the comma, in decimals.

Pressing the encoder for the second time will show a number. This number stands for the amount of step you want in a beat. setting this to one for example will output a clock signal every beat. Some racks need more clock signals. Or you want the receiving modules to go for example twice as fast, set it to 2. 24 if you want 24ppqn for example.

The third time you press the encode you will see the number for the beat when the reset should output. You can keep other modules in sync with this. I like to set it to 16 to keep my drum on a sixteen beat.

Then there is the start and stop button. These are linked to the jack inputs. Sending a signal or pressing the buttons will start/pause the module or stop it. Stop will output a reset signal.

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