LittleBen: BOM, Info and more… now in the shop, a master clock

This week the new boards for LittleBen came in. I just could not wait to build one but had little time to do so. Until today I found a little hour to solder one. The new boards have seem to fixed all the issues the previous had. The buttons fit the panel and no wires needed to make it run. I did had to do a little coding, some button de bouncing and this rotary goes the other way.

But it working without any issues. Have been testing it with my supersixteen sequencer and all looks good so will be putting them up in the shop. The code will be on Github as open source. I’m still thinking about releasing the files for the PCB’s but it would be nice to at least get some of the R&D cost back before I do.

Read more for the BOM and some pictures

C11100nUnpolarized capacitor
C2147ufPolarized capacitor
C313.3UfPolarized capacitor
C41100nfUnpolarized capacitor
ClockOut1, ClockOut2, ClockOut3, ClockOut4, Play1, ResetOut1, ResetOut2, ResetOut3, ResetOut4, Stop110AudioJack2_SwitchTAudio Jack, 2 Poles (Mono / TS), Switched T Pole (Normalling)
D111N4148100V 0.15A standard switching diode, DO-35
J11Conn_01x10Generic connector, single row, 01×10, script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/)
J21Conn_01x10Generic connector, single row, 01×10, script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/)
J31Conn_01x08Generic connector, single row, 01×08, script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/)
J41Conn_02x05_Odd_EvenGeneric connector, double row, 02×05, odd/even pin numbering scheme (row 1 odd numbers, row 2 even numbers), script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/)
J51Conn_01x08Generic connector, single row, 01×08, script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/)
Q1, Q222N3906-0.2A Ic, -40V Vce, Small Signal PNP Transistor, TO-92
R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R881KResistor
R9, R11, R12, R144100kResistor
R10, R1321mResistor
SW11Rotary_Encoder_SwitchRotary encoder, dual channel, incremental quadrate outputs, with switch
SW_PLAY1, SW_STOP12SW_PushPush button switch, generic, six pins 7x7mm push button
SW_PLAY1, SW_STOP12CAPA01 Micro Tactile (aliexpress)
U11TM1637DisplayTM1637 0.36 (aliexpress)
U2174HC5958-bit serial in/out Shift Register 3-State Outputs
U41L7805Positive 1.5A 35V Linear Regulator, Fixed Output 5V, TO-220/TO-263/TO-252
XA1Arduino_Mini_01_SocketArduino Pro Mini 328 – 5V&16MHz

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