My Eurorack

I started this eurorack a few years back. I did know how to solder (I thought). started out with some Hexinverter modules. On Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:28 pm Hexinverters posted a topic on Muffwiggler. I was building there drum modules range by that time and was a bit shocked. Loved there modules and wanted to make my first row Hexinverts only. Focusing on the drum modules to make myself a drum computer.

Well all didn’t go as I would like it to go. In my rack is now the Hexinverts Hot Glue, Hihat, and Bassdrum. I burn the claps capacitor’s by placing wrong way round. The snare module is making noise, only noise. There in my box of unfinished modules and modules with bug, error and glitches.

Below are the ones that do work and are in my modular setup.

Orgone Accumulator (no smd version)

Made by SoundForce. Also a adaptation of a Mutable Instruments Module. This one build is run by on “Blue pill”

Easy build. This modules come with white panel made out of wood.

Erica Synths Bassline

Erica Synths Dual VCA

Erica Synths Envelope

Got a few of these since Erica Synths made the designs open source. These buggers are no fun to build. Got one never to work, in the box. Others do function without problems

Erica Synths Mixer

Erica Synths Output

Thomas Henry Bass++

TR606 Bassdrum

TR606 Hihats

Skullandcircuits VFC-3

Kassutronics KS-20 filter

Kassutronics VCO 3340

Feedback Modules Static

Feedback Modules 1 Bit Multitap Delay

Feedback Modules Pre-KM

Skullandcircuits 3340 VCO

Mutable Instruments


Turing Machine


Hexinverter Hihats

Hexinverter Bassdrum

Hexinverter Hot Glue