Skull and Circuits The big Bass Machine

This module I build a few months ago. I’m still experimenting with it. It makes great bassline’s. I don’t know yet if I have calibrated it enough but it sound awesome even without. When I have played enough with it I will surely update this post. But if you are looking for a module that can produce deep basslines, give this one a try.

Difficulty to build: Hard, because it has a lot of parts.

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    1. Yeah would love to make a demo but time is not on my side these days. Don’t expect one soon. Maybe S&C has his own demo, you could send him a email.

  1. Looking to build one, but in sourcing I seen there’s a couple of pots with no given value.
    What did you use for those?

    1. Oh I hope i find the time to double check for you.
      But I think these will be voltage dividers and most of the time any between 10k and 100k will do.

      But I have to take it out my rack to make sure.

      Skull and Circuits will respond to emails very quickly most of the times.
      Maybe he can update the bom on the site so more people will know

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