Making panels in Kicad from DXF

Some people seem to have some difficulty making panels in Kicad. This can be a art on it’s own. I’m just starting to make panel in Kicad, so I don’t know it all but here are my tricks.

I came to this by the Haraldwerks designs. These where made with Front panel express, great tool for designing panels. But the price of these panels where a bit to much for me so I went the cheap route and made them from PCB’s

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Building: Quad LFO and Panels

The last parts came in and the panel I made from the FPD file Harald was kindly enough to put in the documentation zip. So the LFO is finished and working. I have to say this was a very nice build to do. Minor smd part (only a few caps) and good documentation. If you done a bit of soldering before but not a real pro give these a go.

Download for panels in the read more

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Dotty: Progress on proto v2

Last weekend I have been playing with Dotty. Did a one hour session for friends and Dotty came thru. I didn’t even finished all the soldering. Left off the last three buttons, might be these will be lock version where all other buttons are non locked. Still thinking about that and the function I want to code for Dotty. Button caps didn’t arrive before the weekend, but I had to play with Dotty. Dotty does have a few bugs but certainly playable.

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Dotty: Still working on it, prototype 2 on it’s way

I have been working with my first prototype of Dotty. Learned a lot and this weekend ordered new pcb boards. I dropped the TL074 from the design. These where there to drive led’s on output triggers and possibility to add some extra punch to the triggers.

The new prototype made with 2 pcb’s, a controll and a brains. I made the controls a little bit bigger for the buttoncaps to fit. I’m planning on using some big cap, the space between the buttons on prototype one wasn’t large enough. Let’s hope these new boards didn’t introduce new errors. Will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile the code is coming along, still a lot of work to do.